Gianna in ‘A Love Story’ with Pablo, this video is shot in a great outdoor setting overlooking the ocean

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x-art Gianna & Pablo in 'A Love Story' (1)Title: A Love Story
Models: Gianna & Pablo

Prepare yourself for an erotic adventure as you share an intimate moment with the lovely Gianna and Pablo, lost in their own sensual world on a cliff top above the sparkling ocean.

What starts out as soaking up the sun and beautiful view soon gets more heated as these two have the kind of unspoken chemistry that means they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Raven-haired Gianna is incredibly sultry as always, wearing a white summer dress that hangs elegantly off her sun kissed body. Clearly it has the desired effect on Pablo, as he adjusts her dress to get a taste of her tight, taut body. His lust for her soon has him penetrating her from behind as her beautiful body is arched up against the rock face.
The background music fits this love story perfectly and the camerawork is so assured and natural that you’ll feel you’ve been transported away to this magical paradise.

It’s clear that the passion and connection here is real, but then again what else would you expect from X-art? So indulge yourself now and see what makes x-art Gianna such a fan favorite with our members.

Gianna & Pablo in 'A Love Story' (7)
Gianna & Pablo in 'A Love Story' (8)
Gianna & Pablo in 'A Love Story' (13)
Gianna & Pablo in 'A Love Story' (14)

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