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Max Deeds and Sienna Day stumble through the doorway, kissing passionately. Shedding his jacket, he pulls her body tight against his, breathing heavily. She pushes him against the stairway railing and, kneeling, presses kisses down his taut stomach. With quick motions, she frees his long cock and ta ...read more
X-Art Lisa & Max Real Life Couple
erotic fantasy dream
X-Art Dina Pulling panties aside for closeup pic of Pussy


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Highly anticipated release of Tiffany’s First Anal sex scene, exclusive to x-art

Tiffany displays her impressive oral skills as she gives Brendan an extended blowjob before he fucks her from behind. Keen to turn the heat up even more, Tiffany gives a few tasty licks to a bejeweled butt plug before having Brendan insert it inside her. ...read more

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Anal Sex is Erotic if done Right? Or there's no place for Anal Ever!? Some people love watching Anal Sex (& doing). Others however, are completely turned off by it and see no place for it in erotica. Then there are those that do appreciate the variety, but only if it's done tastefully. What do y ...read more

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Baby and Tyler are ‘Together Again’ …she felt a fiery orgasm building within her, Baby stopped him…
Baby’s long eyelashes fluttered as she awoke. The sun poured in the window, making her appear almost angelic, the light reflecting off the white sheets she lay atop, her white tank top, and her white panties. A halo of light seemed to trace her disheveled blond hair, cascading over the pillow. Sh ...read more
Anneli & Jessica in Technicolor Dreams a story of two girls
The site of two women sexually aroused is one of the sexiest sites you will ever see. Anneli and Jessica are two of those women that will blow your mind. Two sexy women with sexy figures, one having blonde hair, the other being a brunette, the two know exactly how to please one another for the ultim ...read more
xart Jessica and her boyfriend are both models and dancers. This is their first time making love on camera
He kissed her passionately looking deep into her eyes. His hand stroked her soft leg, squeezed her thighs and ass as he gazed at her wanting her. Jessica flopped her head back, offering herself to him. She let his hands roam freely around her curves. She smiled slightly and slipped to the floor doi ...read more